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Post by xsansara on Mon 4 May - 12:15

First of all thanks for the awesome game.

Difficulty balancing for the starting island is about perfect, please do not change at all.

However, when I ran out of Rock, I sailed around, until I found a relatively low level island. Managed to kill two monster and found a weapon that was 20 times better than the one I had on me at that time. After that I pretty much one-hitted everything... Boring. I later realisized that I could have just brought crafting stuff with me and craft the weapon on the beach with the same effect.

Here my suggestions:

1) introduce new crafting recipes on the islands, demanding more and harder to get stuff (this would have to stack in the inventory). It makes absolutely no sense that i can craft something cooler with the same materials and the same recipe, just by standing on another island.
2) make the other islands smaller than the starting island, reverse monster difficulty (easy on the beach, harder inland)
3) make danger levels more explicitly scaling, kind of like Diablo nightmare, inferno, ... OR use the danger level as a soft scale, e.g. danger level 16 is exactly 60 % harder than starting island, 60% more stats on the mobs, 60% better/more loot, which costs about 60% more in the shop, ...
4) state the danger level more explicitly for noob players, please. Maybe ask, if you want to enter the island with danger level X or sail on... I believe everyone dies the first time, they manage to get on a new island. We should at least know immediately, how to avoid that the next time.
4) Introduce minimum danger level for certain materials, like diamond.
5) scale the item stats more explicitly with the materials used, also for rnd, e.g. diamond should always be significant better than stone, regardless of rnd, location, etc.
5) Introduce an epic (but random) end plot, requiring you to find clues (maybe in fished bottles, which would also provide an alternative source for glass bottles), which would then lead you to new high lvl islands and require you to solve some quests there. Maybe some sweet loot at the end, but that is optional. I kind of liked the repeatable meta-plot in the old pirates, which required you to find 5 pieces each of a treasure map to find your mother, your sister, your brother, your uncle, ... It is easy to come up with a list ending with your sister's best friend's monkey.

As to bugs, I encountered only a few:
1) When fighting too high-level mobs, it said that my ice ball did 20 damage, but the bar just moved like it was only 1 damage. Which was the damage I would do with my sword.
2) Could not find the mushrooms required for antidote.
3) Higher level islands should have at least some more money in the bank.

Again many thanks for the good game Smile I will play again with a new update.


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