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All crafted weapons 1/1 Empty All crafted weapons 1/1

Post by Kedsal on Tue 12 May - 5:33

Hi, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who noticed, but each time I tried to crafted a weapon, no matter which type of ore I use, it is always 1/1. It seems pretty weird to find a Stone Sword being 7/4 while crafting a crafted Diamond Sword is 1/1. By the way, I enjoy your game, it is really good so far. The only thing I find difficult is to raise damage. Every piece of armor give a lot of armor points, but to increase damage, there is only the weapon. Maybe some items could give attack points, like the necklace or gloves. I've got another suggestion; there is many bad random encounters, but good random encounters could be great too, like a traveling merchant who is there just for this turn and who could act like a town shop with his own stuff. Well that's only a suggestion! Smile But please repair the crafting bug, it makes the game very difficult when travelling to another island. Since you arrive in a more difficult place with no decent weapon, it is almost suicide to leave the first island.


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