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Landscape? Empty Landscape?

Post by Kedsal on Tue 12 May - 17:13

Hi! I noticed the game doesn't have any option for playing in landscape. Playing in portrait HUD might be cool when playing using a phone, but it become quickly unconfortable when playing with any kind of tablet. I think it could be a great idea to add this feature for it would make the game more flexible to any kind of platform. But hey, that's just a suggestion!


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Landscape? Empty Re: Landscape?

Post by jimbob7610 on Mon 1 Jun - 9:54

I would like the following
Tile with nothing special- plain green
Tile with a tree- a tree or small forest
Tile with a rock- a rock or moutain
Tile with recently moved sand- plain green with a tan circle in the middle
Tile with a coast- half tan and half blue
Tile with water- plain blue
Tile with dessert- tan
Tile with village- a native american like village in a circle
I would also like if the islands wernt a perfect square


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