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Post by Fanthomiize on Sun 28 Jun - 10:38

Heya... How about consider this idea :
-Forging to add str/def/spd
-more chit-chatting (feels quiet there...)
-build a house
-portal leading to another world (hell yeah!)
-race/gender/age (so it feels more unique)
-random-generated island form (at least not a square!)
-character record (so we'll not forget every character we made)
-job system (both, work and stat)
-scrolls, skills, etc, etc.
-weapon affinity
-more stat (cun, fth, sth, etc)
-partner system
-there's still more... but oh well..

Anyway, i'm just posting what i think will work, regardless how hard it'll be. Here's so quiet anyway.. The game itself has been addicting me already so i wonder how it will makes me hooked more.
For Admin : great job for making this game. I'm looking forward for improvement!


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