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Suggestions 7/14/15 Empty Suggestions 7/14/15

Post by Myth on Wed 15 Jul - 4:32


1 - (This one your probably working on) I noticed that every island I land on are all square, can't you adjust the island to be like a Pentagon, Star or a Circle?
2 - Villages should always give you something to do (Quests)
3 - There should be a underground map that can either be accessed by Caves, Ravines (Generates a new map)
4 - Castles, This is where you fight the Island boss and he drops good loot. you can only kill him once per castle.


1 - Torch (Will be used for the Underground maps if put into the game)
2 - Being able to repair your equipment (Chopping Axe, Pike, Knife, Fishing Rod)
I'm tired of my inventory getting full just because I need to carry extra equipment for the levels.
3 - Capes, Depending on the cape it will increase that ability by 5-20%
4 - Traps, You can place traps and use it for hunting

Underground Maps

1 -Darkness (Torch required)
2 - Increase the Monsters level by 3 - 5 from the above grounds levels
3 - If you are caught in the Dark by an enemy their level goes up by 7 - 10 from the above grounds levels
4 - More mining spots


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