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Post by Admin on Thu 26 Feb - 11:38


So, I've decided to create this forum to make it easier to communicate news about the game, to let people share their thoughts and experience in the game, etc...

First of all, I want to thank all the people that have emailed me until the date. Every mail it's been a push to keep doing the things I do.

I want to apologise all those players who have lost their saved game and suffered because of a crash. Also those annoying bugs...   Rolling Eyes

I want to be sincere and explain myself so you know the situation.

I'm just a guy trying to finish it's Computer Engineering degree while working as a Java Developer at a fashion company's e-Business department. In my free time (summers, christmas, some hours at weekends...) I love learning to program android apps and games. It's been like this for the past two years, and all the apps I did were quite simple.

Then Random Adventure Roguelike came out.

I dedicate many months developing it, using all what I knew and having lots of fun. It was such an ambitious project for me.   Smile

It arrived a state which I thought it could be nice to share it and decided to upload at Play Google.

It was awesome.

I was amazed by the statistics and the feedback received. But realized that there were many many problems with game saving, and other annoying bugs.

I then started to work on fixing those bugs whenever I could, but it always seemed there was something wrong. Neutral

There was one day, when the game had like almost 50k downloads and almost 5k scores at Play Google, that I received that mail from Google saying they
had suspended the app due to some content I had in the app that wasn't accomplishing their conditions.

I then had to upload again the game, loosing all those users, having to change some stuff and starting over.  pale

It's been a few months since that and I haven't been able to dedicate much time to the project due to exams, work, etc...

I've decided that I should start the project from scratch, making things a bit different to manage the game saving in a proper way, so it's possible the current
version of Random Adventure Roguelike won't change much.

Maybe, depending on the feedback I receive through this forum (and mails like always), I upload some bugfixing update. I don't know.

Soooo, after all this words explaining my life, I want to thank you for reading this, even with the typos (I'm from Barcelona, Spain, I'm trying my best here Razz).

Feel free to write in the forum explaining your thoughts on the game, report bugs, suggesting stuff, etc... It's all welcome! Smile

Have fun and have a nice day!


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